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who cares how you spell it?

we're all alissas, on the inside.

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this community is for people who are named

or fans of people with the name .


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this community is maintained by a girl with way too much time on her hands.
a(e)li(y)s(s)as unite!, alissa, alyssa, art with amy, being an a(e)li(y)ssa, bisexuality, cassie, clones, degrassi, double names, duckies, eating disorders, ed edd and eddy, elissa, ellissa, friendship, horoscopes, i-am-not-a-fake-dumb-bitch, kill the sleeze, love, names, porn, prozac, rubber chickens, shannon, spedliness, stolen laptops, the "magic box", the ass club, the pilot program, whatever!