Fisha (witheringxfast) wrote in alissaxalyssa,

I just joined! :)

1. Why have you decided to join the Ali(y)ssa community? It looked really interesting and random. I was like "hey...that's my name. Cool!"

2. What is your name? Alyssa Joyce

3. How/From whom did you get your name? One of the girls on Little House on the Prarie had an invisable friend named Alyssa and my mom chose that instead of Nicole.

4. Do you like your name? Yeah, it's a nice name

5. What do you like or dislike about That fact that no one can spell it or prounounce it? I think it's really funny. I get called Alisha alot.

6. What are your nicknames? Lyss, Lyssie, Lyssa, AJ, and Miss Lyss

7. How many people named Ali(y)ssa do you know? Two others. One being a close friend.

8. Who is your favourite famous Ali(y)ssa? Alyssa Milano is alright

9. If you could have chosen your name, what would you have picked? I'd stick with this one.

10. Do you have any ideas for this community? Maybe not yet. I just joined. I'd like to meet alot of cool people though

11. Anything else you'd like to say? erm...Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all ^-^
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